Joel Carty Awarded 2019 Paul Rickard Memorial Scholarship

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Middletown, NY – The Paul Rickard Memorial Scholarship is proud to announce that Joel Carty will be awarded the 2019 Paul Rickard Memorial Scholarship for Athletics.

“As soon as I stepped foot on campus, I felt comfortable,” Carty said.  “I went from playing in a PSAL B League Charter School to being here at SUNY Orange. My family and I are extremely grateful to have found this great college and be awarded the Paul Rickard Memorial Scholarship.”  
Carty, a 6’8″ center, joins the Colts after graduating from Uncommon Charter High School in Brooklyn, NY, where he was a standout student athlete. In his senior year, he averaged 10 points per game and added 10 rebounds per game. In an historic season, he helped lead the Sabers to 21-3 record and first ever PSAL B division final four.
“Joel is a special kid. He is the type of person we want representing the Paul Rickard Memorial Scholarship and has all the attributes that we want as a student athlete at SUNY Orange; hardworking, intelligent and team first” head coach Tom Rickard said. “We could not ask for anything more. Being born in Brooklyn, my father would be honored that Joel was awarded the scholarship in his name.”

Joel was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY. He was a late bloomer when it came to the game of basketball. He grew up in a sports family and loved the game but decided to focus on his education throughout most of his life. In his Senior year of high school, his desire to play overwhelmed him so much that he decided to dedicate himself to the game while also excelling as a standout student. He saw SUNY Orange as an opportunity to make himself better on and off the court.

“In East New York, there aren’t many opportunities to get out of town. There are too many people in poverty and too little spaces for people to shine.” Carty said. In his final year of high school, he dedicated himself to basketball and to improving everyday to reach his potential. “This was hard because I spent most of my life away from sports as a kid, but I always watched. I set my mind to it, worked hard and played my heart out everyday. Once I arrived on campus, I knew the best was yet to come.”
“The first time I watched Joel play I noticed how unselfish he is. Once you meet him you can tell he has something special that other kids don’t have” Rickard added.  “His mother did a terrific job instilling values that will make Joel successful long after his playing career is over.”

Carty finished with “This is the second chapter of my life and it starts here at SUNY Orange and we are never looking back!”

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