About the Scholarship

The Paul Rickard Scholarship was established in 2006 in honor of Paul Rickard  by a former SUNY Orange men’s basketball player, Harrington “Harry” Williams. Harry attended SUNY Orange from 1993-1995. During his time at the college he earned an associates degree in accounting and played for the men’s basketball team.  Based on his experience at the college, he wanted to find a way to give back to the man who was critical in his success not only at the college but in life. He decided to establish the Paul Rickard Scholarship for any men’s basketball player who like himself, wanted to continue their academic and athletic careers at SUNY Orange. Thanks to Harry’s efforts the first scholarship was awarded in 2007 and has continued to be awarded at the discretion of the head men’s basketball coach since its founding.

After Paul’s death in 2017 his wife, Maureen, and his children decided that one scholarship was not enough. In order to help additional students they decided to add a second scholarship and transition to the Paul Rickard Memorial Scholarship for academics and athletics. In 2018, the Paul Rickard Memorial Scholarship will be awarded to not only a men’s basketball player but to an Orange County high school graduate who would like to study Mathematics, Engineering, or Physics at SUNY Orange.

A committee will award the merit based academic scholarship based on the following preferred qualities;

  • Orange County resident
  • high moral character
  • ability to lead and provide a positive impact in the classroom and community
  • excellent work ethic
  • desire to give back
  • strong understanding of and skills in the application of the principles of mathematics
  • ability to communicate the beauty of mathematics
  • commitment to put mathematics to purpose in a teaching, engineering, or scientific profession

First year scholarship recipients are required to re-apply for the scholarship by July 1. In addition, students must always meet Satisfactory Academic Progress requirements and must not be on financial aid suspension at the end of any semester.